Protect our Watersheds

Marshall is passionate about protecting Wake County's watersheds, and his goal as a District Supervisor is to continue to help maintain them. His ambition is to partner with the Corps of Engineers and local conservation groups to clean up the Neuse River and help ensure a clean water supply far into Wake County’s Future.

Preserve Our Farmland

Marshall is an advocate for farm workers and especially farmers. He supports Cost Share programs, which supply local farmers with grant money to offset farm needs like irrigation, fencing, crop rotation, ponds, and roadways. These programs help enable farmers to continue farming rather than selling valuable farmland to developers or allowing it to fall into disuse.

Plan For Our Future

With Wake’s population increasing by approximately 62 persons per day, the threat growth brings to our water supply is a serious issue. Marshall believes in building strong relationships with the Wake Board of Commissioners and the county managers to help bring attention to this crucial need.

Marshall Harvey is running for re-election to Wake County's Soil & Water Conservation Board of District Supervisors.

With a long history of public service and nearly eight years of experience on the board, Marshall has extensive knowledge of the Wake County Soil & Water District and the historical, political, and socio-economic landscape of Wake County. His passion for protecting and preserving our watersheds and farms and planning for growth make him the best person for the job. Let's keep Marshall on the Board!

this video is from the 2016 election cycle, but all points remain true


Donations may be sent via check to the Committee to Elect Marshall Harvey, 2613 Wycliff Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607.

Please include your Name, Address, Occupation, and Employer Name with each donation.